About Us

We are India documentary filmmaker’s go-to-guys. We are small-to-medium size businesses’ best friend, and other production companies’ silent partner. IFS are a full service production company that specializes in providing clients with support and services from concept to commissioning. Our unique heads of services are Film Festival Submission, Preproduction Services, Post Production Services, Location Logistic and Scouting, Promotion, marketing & distribution of documentary films in the International Market and the last but not the least providing a platform to everyone in the film industry to connect & explore with Casting Directors, Production companies, Directors and Coaches worldwide.

Film Festival Submissions: There is a definite market gap and big problem in India for a Film to be submitted in the Film Festivals. So in the interest of small and medium Production Houses, Producers and Film makers we have taken a guaranteed responsibility to provide the best ever services and to bring out the best output. IFS is the only company in India who has come up with the idea to support the interest of those film makers who deserves international exposure and wants to justify his / her film through Film Festivals.   

Pre-Production Services: If your aim is to produce high-quality, distinctive and innovative documentaries & films, commercials, music videos, video content, marketing videos, and live event coverage we are there for you. In short, we are a one-stop-shop for global, cinematic production.

Our hand-holding with you begins right from story consultation and development. Indeed, we feel that this is the most important step in our process. Our work with you to cautiously sharpen goals & audience and identify the most compelling stories that demonstrate the impact of production.

Post-Production Services: During the production and editing stage, we utilize our unique cinematic, non-fiction and fiction style vision in every project, bringing it to life with evocative visuals, immersive sounds capes and innovative storytelling.

We realize that production budgets are tight, so we provide a highly knowledgeable, reliable and responsive technical crew in conjunction with one of our Directors. Our experience allows us to create the right mix of talent, tailor made to your needs and ALWAYS with a sense of urgency.

Location Logistic and Scouting: There are very few places in India where we haven’t been – and we pay attention! And we know that concentration to detail is all about good location logistic & scouting and management. Our team has expert local acquaintance, including the depth of local infrastructure & other challenges, acquiring license requirements and cultural barriers that could impact on your shooting budget and schedule.  In ensure not to leave anything to chance. Following close consultation with our clients, and once locations are picked, we organize all clearances and permissions for you to film, including privately-owned locations and facilities.

In the pre-production stage, we know you don’t want to get bogged down with administration and logistics. With operations on the ground across India, IFS arranges all documentation, personnel, accommodation, Visa (if any), Vehicle hire, Meal Plan any specific and production support that your project requires. Our years of experience and broad network in region ensure you are regularly getting the best rates and uppermost quality services.

With our 10 years of considerable destination management experiences through our mother company The Catwalk Holidays Private Limited”, we have our own network of transport and accommodation partners. Our broad network ensures that you get the best logistics deal wherever you shoot.  We negotiate price with transparency and details of its breakdown, so there are no nasty surprises.

Marketing, Promotion and Distribution: Selling the film in the international market can be a tough job.  We need to convince the distributors that your film to be picked up over the other 10-15 or so releases opening every week. Even non theatrical sale is a hard nut to crack. It’s all about a combination of communicating what is immense about your film, but also convincing exhibitors that your film will have the notice ability it needs to attract an audience.  This visibility comes from advertising, festival exposure, reviews, word of mouth on preview screenings which is one of the toughest things to protect and to convince others. At IFS, we become your representative and scout for the largest possible audience for you around the globe. Our international film distribution module focus on seeking the best possible license fees in each individual market and to reach wider audiences.

Talent Hunt Platform (First time in India): A country of 120 crores of population there are lakhs of dreams who needs attentions, recognition and break in the industry. There is no dearth of talent in the country. Their needs a platform where those talents can be attended, reckoned and get a break by the industry professionals. IFS have created a platform for sourcing out talents for the movie industry. IFS have come up with an aim to connect Actors, Actresses, Acting Schools with Casting Directors, Agencies, Production Companies and Directors – worldwide. This is much more than just a database. It’s the dream of our Founder that by the end of 2017 all those lakhs of dreams will have their own Apps to get them explored with the ocean of largest film professionals’ network – worldwide.