Founder‘s Message

founders-messageAsad Siddiqui

Member: IDPA (Indian Documentary Producers’ Association)

 When I made my first documentary film “Soul of The Forest”, I had a lot of alarming experiences in the film line.

I saw that India has a huge pool of talented filmmakers who do brilliant work, however lack in business skills. It is difficult for them to focus on the business aspect as well and make good films. If the film didn’t make good money, it means that it was not seen by good number of audiences – thereby defying the whole purpose it was made for in the first place. We would like to change that and foster a professional approach to film-making and distribution as prevalent in most western countries.

The film is made but they are unable to reach the audience as well as get any commercial gain. There is hardly any company or organization in India who provide assistance for a film to reach maximum number of audiences and make commercial gains. The interest of the film maker is not looked after. As a result, the producer loses money and the director again struggles to get recognition. My idea of forming a company like IFS has been to provide a professional assistance to those film personalities who have talent, ability and passion, and to safeguard the interest of the producer.

Our main aim is to present Indian film contents to global audiences and get them funding and sales in the most systematic and scientific way. IFS offers a platform for Indian documentary and independent filmmakers to co-produce and sell their films internationally.

Since I have 10 years of vast experience in destination management worldwide, I have added “Location Logistic and Scouting” because I think that we can do this job well. Our one-of-its-kind “Film Festival Submission” is a path to create exactly that by getting the global audience to watch more content made by Indian filmmakers. In effect, IFS goes beyond Bollywood and Tollywood and Kollywood and other regional film making hubs.

Other than the production houses and TV channels who market the content on their own, the promotion industry for independent content in India is largely an unorganized sector dominated by family owned small and medium sized enterprises and they usually deal with other distributors (in NRI dominated countries) that cater to Indian audience. There is a strong need of professionals who can deal with international distributors and follow their business methods. Hence IFS has come up with a promise to change this pattern in coming years. We operate at both ends of the value chain of films – funding and sales.

I always remember Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens’s saying “Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.” In a country of 120 crores of population where there is no paucity of talents, we need a platform for sourcing out talents for the movie and television industries. By the end of 2016, there will be more than 200 million Smartphone users in India. I am looking at a tremendous increase in mobile video in India, which along with increasing speeds and faster wireless networks will fuel the creation of the data business over the next few years. So, our Talent Hunt platform is the largest film professionals’ network – worldwide – which connects professionals Actors and Actresses, Agencies and Academies / Drama schools with Casting Directors, Production companies, Directors and Coaches as well as for the new comers will give an opportunity to explore them, to get attended, reckoned and achieving their dreams.

Together, I know we can fulfil our Promise and above all, we make a difference.

With love and gratitude

Asad Siddiqui