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Posted By: Asad Siddiqui     11/24/17 12:08 PM

All over the world, film production houses & indie film makers, day by day are getting more conscious in each of their area of specialization, for the entire production of their films. Either it is Script, Casting, Line production or any other area they do have specialized team behind it in order to make a world class film.

Location logistic and Scouting is completed and specialized with the knowledge of Destination management and Location management. The job of identifying wide range of places, it’s logistic & its access is a part of Destination management and making arrangements which helps the smooth process of shooting on the sites comes under Location management.

Location logistic work involves, working to strict budgetary and time limits, maintaining a high standard of health, safety and security, organizing crews, dealing with a variety of people, production support from office equipment to call sheets, accommodation bookings & set up of base camps in rural locations, domestic and international flight reservations & excess baggage negotiations, transportation including horses and camels, Airport transfers and much more beyond, like a landscape that is relatively inaccessible by road and ruled by temperamental changes in weather, nailing down the logistics is imperative. So one has to be fully specialized in this field to take up any challenge during the course of shooting because one logistical mistake can throw a major wrench in production efforts.

Nowadays, hiring a specialized location logistic team is a better idea for any production house because it will increase the quality of product as well as save the cost of production, if we try to analyze in a better way. Further since many countries are offering incentives / subsidies on film & entertainment shooting, a location logistic expert has a better hand to negotiate and pass on the benefit to the
producer. Please find below few countries who are offering incentive for film shoots are:

UK & Europe 20-30%
Turkey  18%
Kenya  16%
Rwanda  16%
Namibia  16%
Jordan  15%
South Korea  25%
Malta  25%
Georgia  25%
Australia  40%
Mauritius  40%
Fiji  47%
Malaysia  30%
Thailand  30%
South Africa  30%
UAE  30%
USA  20-30 %

Also a location logistic & scouting expert can get rebate from government in several other countries based on request.

Even in India there are many states that are encouraging film shootings by offering different types of incentives and subsidies in order to promote their locations. So a location logistic team takes the responsibility of all these activities and benefits the producer in terms of monetary as well as outdoor shooting tasks responsibilities.

Apart from India, there are many countries where film shootings can be done because only 30% of the locations in the world have been explored. We need to cover and explore the balance 70% through the camera to the audience. As for example if we select Thailand is our next shooting location then instead of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket we can choose to Khao Yai, Phang Nga, Trang etc. Though the cost of production might have slight changes in the cost but we can give our audience something new.

The Countries of fiction film shooting suggested are Thailand, Malaysia, South korea , Singapore , Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Taiwan, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius , Reunion Island, Namibia & Rwanda, Austria , Italy , Switzerland, Germany, France , Belgium , Netherlands , Luxembourg, Spain , Portugal , Czech , Slovak, Georgia , Hungary, Malta, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, Slovenia ,Malta,  Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK , Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, India,  Nepal, UAE, Oman , Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Fiji.

In India too, we do have unparallel locations for film but still those places are yet to be explored. Since Indian Film Services is pioneer in destination management and location management, the company has its services to the production houses and filmmakers, to those unexplored areas for a shoot. All inquiries are invited.

There are many inexpensive film shooting locations in India. Kerala in recent times is one of the cheapest locations to shoot. Kerala State Film Development Board offers a subsidy to the feature films and documentaries those are shot in the state of Kerala, ranging from Rs 37,000/- to Rs 1,87,500/- Beside this the State Award ranging from Rs 1,00,000/- to Rs 6,00,000/- offered for films which qualify for awards. If the film receives any international or national award it receives Rs 2,00,000/- as a subsidy. Uttar Pradesh offers 25% to 75% subsidy as well as other cash awards for specific locations and 100% tax concession by the government on entertainment tax. Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Punjab, Goa – one of the most cost-effective shooting locations in the world. Gujarat offers subsidy even upto 50% as well as other cash incentives. Needless to say that in these states of India we find mostly all type of demographic locations as per the script and story. Last but not the least North East & Andaman Island which are the most beautiful location to shoot is mostly unexplored and this is the right time to go for a shoot. Through Indian Film Services in all the above places subsidy can be worked out with the state government as well as production house can receive a single window clearance. On the other hand Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Delhi are among the other states trying to make it easier for filmmakers to shoot there. Madhya Pradesh is giving huge discounts at state owned hotels and is offering free of charge shooting at some locations to attract productions.

Thus Indian Film Services is one of the best platforms for liaising between the production houses / film makers and the location authorities making the job easier and simpler.

For worldwide location logistic inquiry kindly get in touch with us & experience the potential before you take us as a location logistic partner.Contact us : asad@indianfilmservices.com, indianfilmservices@gmail.com, himadri@indianfilmservices.com & lalit@indianfilmservices.com

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