PR & Promotions

At IFS, our skilled and enthusiastic team strategizes, implement and execute targeted promotions across varied genres, achieving mutually beneficial campaigns for both the film and the brand. We take pride in our excellent relationships with the industry and our widespread network.

Film Promotion services involve online and offline film promotion campaigns. We manage planning, executing and measuring the complete film promotional cycle. Under film promotions we offer four major services namely Print Promotions, Digital Media Promotions, Social Networking and Film Event Promotions.

Social Media has become one of the fastest, most effective and reliable ways to get the word out and build a loyal following. IFS has developed a unique methodology of utilizing the social media for brand building.

There is also the need to build an integrated traditional and internet based marketing campaign that will provide the desired results. Our media junkets have a large number of journalists and online correspondents who have always supported us with positive coverages.

IFS comprises of a workforce of publicists who are experts in the traditional media and digital world. They know how best to take advantage of its potential for our clients. This is one of the biggest reasons that our clients prefer IFS. WE provide a one-stop-solution for all publicity needs –  both traditional and digital PR requirements. Furthermore, it helps with developing a single all-encompassing tactical marketing campaign. In other words, IFS offers bespoke options for clients wanting to target their publicity campaigns Before we start, we try to assess your publicity goals and range it alongside your budget. Based on these, we create a campaign for you.  Furthermore, we also help you out with publicity design and creatives as well.

PR Materials

  • Complete draft of press releases
  • Consultation or full development and creation of marketing materials, including complete press kit, postcards, high resolution images and promotional items.
  • Creation of press kits include coordination of interviews with filmmakers and talent to be used as content for the kit

Film festival communications strategy

  • Development and execution of an effective communication and publicity strategy specific to the client’s project

Corporate communication

  • Develop key messages in relation to client’s corporate goals
  • Research and target media outlets to communicate key messages
  • Speech writing
  • Translation services
  • Subtitling for film prints

Theatrical release

  • Development of PR materials (see above)
  • Development of a publicity and marketing strategy specific to the project
  • Actively pitch to media outlets of all format, key film critics and respective editors/producers

Event planning

  • Location scouting for ideal event venue suitable to client’s party capacity and budget
  • Conduct principal negotiations with event managers
  • Meticulous menu and wine selection appropriate to the event
  • Arrangement of audio-visual and technical needs as well as other event-specific live entertainment

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