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Good fiction and non-fiction films almost always have a solid foundation in research and pre-production. IFS’s film and video pre-production services are essential to all our projects. Our attention to detail and creative concepts are the foundation to every successful production. IFS’s Pre-Production services provides you with a wide range of services that covers every nitty-gritty of pre-production

There are six fundamental divisions to pre-production, all related to one another.

Management: This is the core, the only part that knows everything.
Administration: The paperwork.
Writing: The ‘Plan’.
Talent: The people who feel they are the most important.
Location: The work that needs to be done but nobody wants to do it.
Production: Everything else.

Management: The Management is the nerve centre of all productions. The idea of a film begins with the Management and it is the Management that is the last to disperse. Management might include all key positions such as the Producer (and all its variants), Writer, Director, Unit Production Manager, First Assistant Director, etc. IFS will guide you and provide you with support from its pool of experienced and knowledgeable personnel who will perform or support for all key positions.

Scheduling: It is the First Director who in partnership with the Director decides upon the scheduling. It is the Director’s call as to how long he will take to finish the film. The schedule is drawnaccording to this. There are many factors that affect the schedule. A schedule outlines the basics:

Where do we meet?
What do we do?
Who has to show up?
When do they have to show up?

Budgeting: Based on all the other factors, a detailed production budget is drawn up. It is dependent upon the task of division of pre-production duties.  Not everybody can afford to overrun their budget – it is the luxury of big studios. An incorrect budget is the primary cause of failure of a production. It is usually the result of the incapability of the filmmaker to recognize where the money is needed. At IFS, we hand-hold you in a detailed preparation of your budget.

Production Management: Production Management involves running day-to-day operations of a movie. It is the Production Manager who is responsible for this department. The production department, for all sense and purpose, runs the machine while the creative departments focus on the artistic aspects of the film. We always prefer that you leave the production management to us.

Equipment: It is a very difficult process to import equipment into India, not only logistically but also in terms of the costs involved. Exporting equipment outside India also makes no sense. Sourcing it locally is more convenient and cost effective. IFP has its own studio as well as it is well connected with numerous equipment rental houses in wide spread regions of India& Abroad for all your technically sound equipment needs.

Catering: Catering begins as soon as a production is good to go. Nobody can work on an empty stomach, and this responsibility is handled by the production team, headed by the Production Manager. Without proper food, the efficiency levels of the crew go down. We have association with catering companies, who will provide you with tailor-made food to suit everyone’s tastes.

Legal and Accounting: While it is easy to carry out the day-to-day accounting tasks, every production team should have qualified tax lawyers who are ready to take up any legal issue. The production team should also have certified accountants who will minutely inspect all details andkeep the purse in check. Our management team has lawyers and Chartered Accountants who can make your accounting procedure easier.

Permits & Contracts: Permits and contracts need to be drawn up or obtained for every location, individual team member including actors, agencies, governmental organizations, private organizations, and so on. These are all legitimate documents valid in the court of law. They are usually prepared by the legal team, and enforced by the production team. We have a separate legal team which assists our clients in all legal matters and contracts. Contracts are also prepared by the legal team, and they have to be duly signed.

Writing (Screenplay/Script): Any production is based upon the ‘finished’ draft of a screenplay. This draft is then examined and analyzed down to the most minor detail. A script is ‘broken down’ into the following documents:

    • Location breakdown
    • Cast breakdown
    • Crew breakdown
    • Scene breakdown

    • Effects breakdown (if any)

Research: Every stage of production is preceded by concerted research, where the research team undertakes research on every minor detail and provide their findings to the production team. Without proper research, the production is bound to fail and will suffer from lack of authenticity. Our dedicated research team will undertake every research for you and provide you with distilled information.

Previz or Storyboarding: To pre-visualize a film, storyboarding is done. It is a graphic display of drawings or images that is laid in sequence to the narrative of the film. When it is done on a computer, it is called previz or pre-visualization. Usually done by a storyboard artist, storyboarding can take form of still frames, presentations, motion, 3D animations, or anything else. We have experienced storyboarding artists with us, who can help you in pre-visualization.

Shooting Script: Once it is clear in the Director’s mind on how he/she is going to handle the production, it is time to sit and prepare with a cool mind the “shooting script”. The shooting script is generally the screenplay described in sequence which is used as a guiding document for commencement and continuation of shooting.

Auditions and Casting: It is the job of the Casting Director and the Director to manage all castings and auditions. IT is a critical function, as improper casting destroys the production. Most directors take casting seriously.

Location Scouting and Approvals: Location preparation begins with hunting for those ‘ideal’ spots that will end up as backdrops in your video or movie. In our opinion during location scouting all the key heads of departments should be present; mainly, the Director, Cinematographer, Production Sound Mixer, Production Designer, First Assistant and Unit Production Manager. During a location scout the cinematographer has to look for correct angles, light, blocking, and whatever else that he/she might find interesting. The production sound mixer will look for any audio problem that might happen. The production designer will look if the location fits to the script, and will discuss the efficacy of the location with the director and cinematographer. Everyone else will study the location from a logistics perspective. It should go without saying that every location must have written and legally valid permits or releases.

Logistics & Transportation: Logistics involves the ability to move man and machine within a fixed budgetary framework. It is easier to move a small crew, while a large crew will demand meticulous planning and precision. The bulk of this responsibility lies in the hands of the production manager. Such an execution requires a lot of experience, wisdom and foresight. Our logistics specialists have everything. For a small crew, transportation might easier. When moving more than fifty people from place to place, it’s called a nightmare. Let us handle this nightmare for you.

Set Design and Construction: Once the set design is fixed and approved, construction and decoration of the same should be done. These activities must be completed before the unit (everyone) arrives to shoot there. It’s like a construction job where the deadline is etched in stone. Our team of expert craftsmen will assist you in every step of design and construction.

Visas: As our mother company is into tourism, handling the problems of visa is something that we do every day. You only need to come to us and we will guide you step by step through every paperwork.

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