Production Services

From television commercials, films, documentaries to fictions, soaps and corporate films, we have the competency to provide a one stop solution for all your production requirements and the allied services required for executing the project. Some of them are as follows:

Hiring Crew and Support Staff: Hiring a good crew is critical to the success of any production. It is always advisable to hire people you know, people who have proven abilities and are experienced, people who have completed projects on a deadline. There’s no time to learn on this job. Once a project gets underway the momentum always builds. Don’t take the excitement you see at the beginning to mean ‘stamina’ to sustain oneself till the end. It’s better to have professionals than novices. And that is where we come in.

Production Design: Production Design is something that lends the visual concept to the film. begins with the shooting script and storyboarding or previz. This department identifies and designs the “look” of the film, by creating sets, costumes, graphics, props and deciding upon the lighting and camera angles. The person in charge is the Production Designer, under whom the Art Director, the Prop Master, the Costume Designer, etc. works.

Music: Music plays a critical part in most commercial Indian films. Music sets the tone to the film and sometimes binds two disparate visuals together. Music is sometimes arranged beforehand or, added after a location shooting is completed. We assist you in creating your most suitable musical scores

Action and Stunts: Every bit of action, however small, must be discussed and decided upon well in advance. It’s easy to look past this during the rush of pre-production but it’s critical you discuss all action, no matter how silly it sounds, with an experienced Stunt person, which we have. What you think is easy might end up being too complicated or dangerous.

Choreography: If a film hasa dance routine, it needs to be choreographed and practiced by the actors before the actual cinematography. On set choreography, however romantic it may sound, will only extend the time schedule and increase the cost of production. Thus, it is imperative for a choreographer to design and practice all dance routines well before principle photography.

Wardrobe and Makeup, Costumes: Having proper costumes for any role can make or break the shot and consequently the whole film. On most films, wardrobe is part of the production design, and needs to be designed carefully. It is thus very important to have a pre-designed wardrobe along with the production crew. A wardrobe manager might come in handy. It is also important to have a make-up artist on board.Even for a project that has a small number of actors,a little touch up can make the difference.  

Rentals: Rentals are everything that needs to be rented. A large project might need equipment that cannot be carried from place to place, and need to be rented on location. It might also happen that a tool or a prop or even a costume is required on the set, that was not thought of before. Hiring them can be a headache. Also, all things rented should be well catalogued, so that nothing gets lost. We ensure that you are spared of such headache.

Props: Props are an important component for any film. The success of a scene often depends upon the usage of proper props. A large project will usually have thousands of props – all of them important. It is of utmost importance to keep a tab on them. So much so that a person is generally assigned just to keep a check on all the props that are with the production team. Each prop needs to be designed in accordance to the script.

Camera, Grip, Lighting and Audio Equipment: One of the most important This department is perhaps most important as without a proper camera and equipment, your shooting will not happen. While it is important to have proper camera, grip lighting and audio, a novice filmmaker often concentrates on this department while ignoring all else. This is also the department that ‘loses’ the most items during a shoot. We don’t let that happen. Simple.

VFX: If a movie has visual effects, it is useful to have an expert on sets. The Visual Effects Supervisor can advise on key visual initiatives and make the production sleek and appealing. We have experienced visual effects designers with us, who will be happy to lend their services.

Stills and Publicity: At the end, we have stills and publicity. If you are satisfied with your production, you should hire a still photographer and a professional publicist to record and promote your endeavor. You might also take our help and t let the world know what happened.

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