Dear Sir I sincerely express our sincere gratitude for the positive support and guidance on time regarding our movie “Romantic Noy”. You have shown us the path by which Romantic Noy has achieved the awards /nominations/ acclamation in various international film festivals. Really appreciate your endeavours and wishing you good luck and success for your future assignments.

Rajib Chowdhury
Director (Romantic Noy)

It is the sincere and honest work of Asad Siddiqui that my feature film “The Doll’s House (Bhalo Meye Kharap Meye)” has bagged 4 nominations and 5 Awards. Also I am sure his two-way commitment and its steadiness of action toward achieving the hallucination of worldwide distribution will definitely take my film to international audience very soon. Best of luck to SAH Indian Film Services.

Swapan Paul
Producer (The Doll’s House)

“Hard work and Veracity” are the correct word I can say about Asad Siddiqui & the team behind him. Not very old in the film industry but in my 16 years of film experience I can surely say that in Eastern India Asad is one of the best for film festival submission, international distribution and location logistic support. He has fully justified with his passion & sincerity both of my films “Soul of The Forest” and “The Doll’s House (Bhalo Meye Kharap Meye)”. There was a mandatory requirement in India for a company like “SAH Indian Film Services”. I am sure under Asad’s guidance IFS will definitely justify many good films made in India which were searching for international expose but ends up in a producer’s chamber.

Tamal Dasgupta
Film Maker